June 30, 2015 in amh

I'm currently working as a part time GP in my local market town 2 days a week. On the other days I work for NHS England as Assistant Medical Director. My portfolio includes revalidation, performance management of doctors, dentists, optimise and pharmacists.

But my job causes me little stress!
I have 3 teenage boys:13, 16 and 18, 3 dogs (one a puppy), a cat, 3 gerbils, a snake and one husband (also a doctor).
My sons have always taught me more about children's health than I could ever read in any book or journal
My middle son Archie is now, after a long, long journey, home schooled with autism and dyslexia
So, in amongst all this chaos I try and maintain my physical health by going to the gym, cycling and walking, but my mental health is another issue
Now in my early 50s, I try and 'practice what I preach" by eating a healthy diet and maintaining a healthy weight, not smoking and trying not to drink too much proseco!

I've been tweeting on twitter for about 2 years and as well as some nice followers, I've managed to acquire one nasty troll that seems impossible to shake off
I'm enthusiastic but slightly cynical about the future new care models and 5 year forward view but I do truly believe that general practice needs to transform, get out of the last century and modernise
I'd like to write about my hopes for general practice and future patient care, it can't continue 'as is' but my thoughts (my own) are slightly radical to some
When last week my son and I held our 12 year old spaniel as she had her lethal injection and she slipped comfortably away, I realised just how messed up our care of the elderly, frail and dying is-if 'Rosie" had been a human, she'd still be alive, blind, 3 legged and incontinent with no dignity and no quality of life
Instead, she had a marvellous life and was able to die, without pain, in her own home
But it's the vet that gives the injection

Can we ever get to a stage in this country where doctors feel comfortable playing a role in this process?
Maybe in years to come, we'll look back on how primitive we were with regards to death
A great poet once said 'death is part of life' and that it is
Tomorrow, something lighter...


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