Great Expectations! Too similar to Miss Haversham’s house

July 27, 2015 in mmmm

The interview lasted half an hour on the phone.

Best plan would to come and see us the GP said- you bet, I'll be there asap - which was actually 4 days later.

The surgery itself was tiny with paper notes spewing forth everywhere.  The shelves were stacked to overflowing with everything remotely associated with a general practice and plenty additional items that perhaps might be best not mentioned....  There were paper notes in all the cupboards in the consulting rooms, they were stashed away under the consulting beds, they were even sneakily hiding under the bench seating in the waiting room.

Nowhere was there an empty space to put a cup of tea, essential living in my book and in fact if I had it my way, tea would be available intravenously.

Permeating everything was the sound of aircraft - strange as there were no airstrips close by, no helipads, no motorways, but most definitely an audible continual whirring of engines similar to that of a 747 galvanising itself into action at the start of a take-off run.  Aaaah, the server I hear you say!!  Of course...

The outside was old and tatty and the interior was old and tatty.  The heating was storage heaters, cold in the day and warm at night - hurray!  I couldn't wait to break out the fingerless mittens.

The overall impression was a well-loved, tired but relentlessly operating machine in great need of a bit of vigour and vim.  Antiquated shelving and desks with solid consulting beds and every shade of brown everywhere.

The previous PM had left very suddenly with no prior notice around 8 weeks prior to my start.  In addition the previous PM had only been in post for around 10 weeks before deciding to leg-it.  Her predecessor had been in post for many years and had retired.  So plenty of work to get my teeth into I thought, how exciting.  The 2 previous GP partners had just retired and the new GP had so many great ideas for change to improve and streamline and expand and refurbish and revamp and re-energise and take the surgery into the 20th century (I know we're now in the 21st but Rome wasn't built in a day!)

So the job was between a deputy or assistant PM looking to upscale her career (relatively inexperienced in the contract) and a senior, vastly more experienced PM looking to backscale her career (enitrely knowledgeable in all things practice management).  Decisions, decisions, what to do, what a dilemna.......

Whatever decision the GP arrived at would impact everything in the time ahead, all the shiney plans, the staff whose morale was already hitting a big low point, the contract end of year activities, which way should he go, energy or experience? enthusiasm or proven track record?  Big decision, potentially likely to affect the outlook and vision of the company in completely different directions.  Given the already difficult situation of having an "interim" new practice manager mysteriously bolting off for no good reason, the ground was already a bit boggy.

Find out what happened next at the Mental Mayhem Medical Practice, did the voice of reason win out over the voice of adventure? did the steady sure sensible approach bring calm to the troubled seas or did the lure of adventure with energy and excitement prove too much for our beset GP, juggling the contract, the staff, the premises, the accountant.....

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