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Would you like to write a blog for GPLectures?

At GPLectures we are starting a really interesting new feature, a series of blogs on topical and important issues. At the moment we have a small number of interested doctors who will start writing occassionally about their favourite topics. If you would like to join them then I would be very interested to hear from you.
To get started just contact me and I will set you up with your own blog site on the GPLectures website. You will be able to write what you like and will be able to monitor comments that our members make. It should be interesting. It will also be something that you can use for your appraisal.
If you'd like more information please email me at

Here are the blogs we currently host:
Burnt Out Doc - Burnt Out Doc
Mental Mayhem Management of the Madhouse - Jomarrie Trawets
AMH - Dr Anne-Marie Houlder
Lara Vili - Pseudonym
Junior Doctor's Opinion - Disgruntled F1
The abstract - Gary Rogers