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    • Premier Body Armor: First Line of Defense
      Life is undoubtedly the most expensive gift of all. With war being waged all over the world, it has become imperative for every military soldier to wear protective gear in the form of ballistic vests and other protective armor. Premier Body Armor strives to manufacture the best protective armor for our real ‘Heroes’<b>. </b><a href=""><b>Steel armor</b></a> is a body armor type designed for the security of an individual in dangerous or harmful conditions. It can withstand caliber bullets like M193, M855, PS Ball MSC and M80 FMJ. Excellent protection in combat situations and is lightweight which makes it comfortable to wear. These armors are manufactured to the highest standards and are perfect for members of the police and personal security personnel. Premier Body Armor provides officers and military soldiers with world class body armor without having to compromise their safety. This is accomplished with multi-curve steel ballistic plates. Premier Body Armor truly believes that an officer deserves the very best in personal protection, especially when they are in compromising situations that might be life threatening. Premier Body Armor’s products are very reasonably priced and are the best on the market right now. Although the company was recently incorporated in 2013, they have established a big name in such a small amount time. Premier Body Armor provides ultimate security to the officers and military fighting for our country. Having its headquarters in Kings Mountain, North Carolina, all their products are manufactured in the U.S.A. <a href=""><b>Ballistic plates</b></a> are used in Premier Body Armor suits which are the lightest protective gear and fits comfortably due to the multi curve steel plates. Having been widely acknowledged for the sturdiness, strength and safety, Premier Body Armor’s <a href=""><b>body armor</b></a> is actively used by public officials and security personnel. The company manufactures their benchmark product the Premier Durus 8000, which is the only steel armor in the world which has multiple curves to fit the exact shape of the human body. The Durus 8000 is a special threat tested plate produced by the highest standards. Doing business with Premier Body Amor is easy, once you interact with the company you will understand why they are leading the body armor industry. For more information, visit <a href=""><b></b></a>.
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