Adrian ChojnowskiExamination of the Hand
Adrian Chojnowski (Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon)

Mr Adrian Chojnowski is a Consultant Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgeon with a specialist interest in the upper limb. His research and particular interest relates to disorders of the wrist such as carpal instability and Dupuytrens Disease.

In this short lecture Adrian gives a brief overview of the anatomy of the hand followed by a demonstration of the examination of the musculature, bones and nerves of the hand.

There is a brief discussion of the common hand pathologies and findings, including rheumatoid arthritis, carpal tunnel compression and trigger finger.

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Karl GaffneySpondyloarthropathy
Karl Gaffney (Consultant Rheumatologist)

Karl Gaffney has been a Consultant Rheumatologist at Spire Norwich Hospital and The Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust since 1996. He is also Clinical Director for Rheumatology, Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of East Anglia, Chair of Rheumatology Training East of England Deanery, Medical Advisor and Trustee of the National Ankylosing Spondylitis Society and President of The National Osteoporosis Society (Norwich & District Group).

Karl has particular expertise and research interest in the management of ankylosing spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis

The spondyloarthropathies are a group of rheumatological diseases that comprise spinal inflamation, peripheral arthropathy and enthesitis ( inflamation of tendon and ligament insertion). Ankylosing spondylitis is the most well known disease of the group, and spondyloarthropathy can complicate psoriasis and inflammatory bowel disease or be caused by a reaction to an infection.

This lecture covers this subject classically and comprehensively, covering epidemiology, diagnosis, imaging and management. Of interest to GPs is the realisation that these diseases comprise up to 5% of chronic back pain, and that they are generally under diagnosed and diagnosed late. Karl takes us through the symptomatology and the problems that exist in diagnosis. There is a problematic 8.5 years lag between onset of first symptoms and diagnosis overall, obviously a delay that should be greatly improved upon.

It would be very useful to use this lecture to stimulate a discussion amongst the members of your practice and to perform an audit on patients to see if there are any potentially undiagnosed cases.

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Deborah KayAn Overview of Podiatric Biomechanics
Deborah Kay (Specialist Podiatrist)

Deborah Kay is a podiatrists who perfoms biomechanical assessments and who diagnoses, treast, and help prevent diseases and disorders affecting the feet and ankles of adults and children.

A Biomechanics assessment is an investigation into your lower limb function – looking closely for abnormalities and compensations.

Deborah Kay's lecture is all about how to assess a foot for problems. She begins with talking generally about the biomechanics of the foot and how gait works, before talking more specifically about the common foot pathologies we see in General Practice.

This is a very useful lecture for General Practice as foot problems are so common. Finding your way to an appropriate referal or management plan will be easier once you have digested this lecture.

  • Weight Loss?
  • Footwear
  • Foot Orthotics (Off the Shelf)
  • Podiatry Referral (Biomechanics)
  • Physiotherapy Referral
  • Orthopaedic Referral

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Willy NotcuttManagement of Musculoskeletal Back Pain
Willy Notcutt (Consultant in Pain Management)

Back pain affects 8 out of 10 people at some time in their lives but is rarely due to any serious disease or damage. Dr Willie Notcutt is a Consultant Anaesthetist and Pain Management Expert, whose lecture recorded here is an excellent overview and update on the management of low back pain.

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